2022 Annual Meeting - Virtual
Posted on Jan 21st, 2022
Our Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, Feb 6th.  
2:00 - 4:00pm
The meeting this year will be held virtually via Zoom.  
Meeting ID: 311 881 4951
Passcode:  132700
Please join us to hear current updates and 2022 goals from all your board members. We look forward to having you attend. 
Crime Prevention Reminder
Posted on Jan 21st, 2022
There has been some recent thefts in our area lately.  The main target seems to be UNLOCKED VEHICLES.  Here is a reminder from our local police representatives. 
Crime Prevention Tips
Remove All Valuables
Leave Outside Lights On
Shut & Lock Garage Doors and Windows
Call 911 if you see any suspicious people or vehicles
Have a trusted neighbor keep an eye on your property if you’re going out of town
Set your Alarms
Be aware of your surroundings
November HOA Meeting Minutes
Posted on Dec 10th, 2021
Montibello HOA Meeting Minutes...November 3rd, 2021
The Montibello HOA Board meets quarterly to discuss the happenings in the neighborhood.  Our board is a collective group of neighborhood volunteers that chair 10 different committees for our neighborhood.  You can view the summary of the discussions from this meeting below. 
Our neighborhood annual HOA meeting will be held on Sunday, Feb 6, 2022 @ 2pm.  This will be a virtual meeting via Zoom due to CoVid.  All neighborhood members are encouraged to virtually attend this meeting to stay up to date on neighborhood topics.  
We wish you a very happy Holiday Season. 
Your Montibello HOA
The HOA is Back In Action
Posted on Jul 1st, 2021
I am so excited to be welcomed in as the new President of the Montibello HOA (MHA).  We know that last year threw everyone off and our great neighborhood has been kept active by so many wonderful members.  We give great thanks to our Facebook page for keeping everyone connected. 
We have added several new members to the MHA Board this year and we are all working towards bringing a lot of new life and fun to our community.  Our goal this year is to stay involved with our community with a promise to keep everyone updated with community news and events in a timely fashion.  Our website is being redeveloped to be the main source of community outreach.  We are working hard to improve the web-site for you to stay connected with community social events, sign up and stay involved in social groups, post babysitting connections and local vendors, stay informed with community watch news and elect to be informed via text or email, plus have the option to pay your HOA dues online.  We will also have a quarterly newsletter delivered to your home with neighborhood happenings.  
Please know that our minimal annual HOA dues of $75 are voluntary.  We certainly appreciate your contributions as it allows the MHA to maintain the entrances and common areas of our neighborhood, host social events for the community and provide you the updates you deserve through the web-site and newsletters.  
We look forward to getting to know you and are always here to support our members. 
Molly Zahn Harrison

Upcoming Events
Benjamin The Brave Blood Drive
Saturday, March 26th, 9am - 2pm at 3140 Lauren Glen Road

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