November HOA Meeting Minutes
Posted on Dec 10th, 2021

Montibello HOA Meeting
November 3rd, 2021
Attendees: Kevin Ballantine, Allan Ross, Mark Pera, Molly Harrison, Chuck Richards, Mary Wright, Andrea Smith, Carol Richards 
Not Present: Kristy Elgart, Jolinda Boelkins
Welcome and Introductions
Molly Harrison called the meeting to order.
Governance Report
Kevin Ballantine and Mark Pera updated the board on the research regarding existing CCRs and the potential for consolidation/streamlining. They propose reaching out to an attorney to determine first steps in revamping the Montibello CCRs under one consistent set. Additional comments related to new exclusions/updates included rules around pools, extensions, add-ons, paint colors, solar panels, etc. The board agreed with the proposal to reach out to two local attorneys to gather feedback on next steps for the CCR project.
Finance Report
Allan Ross presented the financials through October. Revenues are on track with budget, additional documentation included with detail on the comparison of annual revenues by Calendar Year since the Fiscal Year ends EOM February. Montibello’s insurance expense is on a calendar year basis, thus the double charge in 2021 is related to timing. We currently have $18k in excess revenues. Expenses are down due to reduced social activities related to COVID. The approved $2,500 expenditure for professional fees in 2021 has not yet be requested by the attorneys for the work on the project down Carmel Road. Allan also shared a detailed ledger and shared that the multiple water and energy bill payments are related to the number of account Montibello has with each. The neighborhood currently has 3 different water bill accounts (meters) and 4 different Duke Energy accounts.
Membership Report
Carol Richards gave an update on HOA membership. There are currently 397 paid members out of 571 homes. Discussion was then had around the potential for increasing dues for 2022. Kevin Ballantine and Allen Ross questioned that since we have a surplus would it make sense to increase dues or should we use that for improving the neighborhood. A potential improvement was the brick wall on Carmel and who would be responsible for repairing it. Updated membership renewal information would be included in the newsletter that goes out at the beginning of the year. Carol then brought up the annual meeting. Historically we have held the meeting on the Sunday before the Super Bowl (February 6th) at the seminary on Carmel Rd. Discussion was also had around having a zoom option for remote viewing and potentially expanding the reach of the meeting. Concluded that after the logistics are ironed out, all of the meeting information for the annual meeting would be included in the next newsletter.
Street Host Report
Andrea Smith gave an update on the street hosts. She asked if she could get another report for turnover in the neighborhood to help reach out to street hostesses and then distribute the “Welcome to Montibello” welcome package. The HOA also discussed potential ideas for items to add to the website and brought up the HOA meeting minutes and new recycling guidelines.
Neighborhood Watch Report
Chuck Richard gave an update on neighborhood watch. There have been no complaints since the last HOA meeting nor requests for Police activity.
Beautification Report
Mary Wright gave an update on neighborhood beautification. She indicated that we still have a neighborhood irrigation issue for our common areas and that it has been very hard to find a reliable irrigation system technician. She also mentioned that the Riverbirch in the center circle of the Montibello cul-de-sac was pruned by Arborscapes and invoice was submitted and paid by the HOA ($360).
Social Report
Molly Harrison gave an update on social events. Due to recent COVID trends, decided to opt out of a holiday gathering. Holiday Lights contest will be put on by The Zahn Group Realty, not the HOA.
Other Items
After all updates, there was a discussion about reducing new homeowner dues if they move in after June to help encourage participation. The HOA proposed to reduce annual dues for Homeowners moving in after July to $35 effective in 2022. Allen Ross proposed the reduction, Carol Richards seconded, no objections from the remaining members of the HOA.
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