Aug 31, 2022 HOA Meeting Minutes
Posted on Sep 1st, 2022

August 31, 2022 HOA meeting
Attendees: Allan Ross (Treasurer), Andrea Smith (Street Host Coordinator), Kristy Elgart (Social), Corey Tanner Rosati (Beautification), Pete Rosat (Communications), Mark Pera (Community Affairs & Architectural), Molly Zahn Harrison (President)
Missing: Carol Richards (Membership), Walker Jones (Website), Secretary (Open), Neighborhood Watch (Open)
Alan Ross, Treasurer
Financial Report
Reviews budget and report
Membership dues at $29,035. $17,925 paid online, $11,700 paid by check
Dues are stable year over year
Reviewed expenditures for neighborhood events and HOA maintenance
Fiscal year is March 1 thru Feb. 28, but budget is managed Jan-Dec.
Carol Richards, Membership
Summary on Carol’s behalf
Discussed using Venmo for collecting HOA dues
Molly will work on setting up a Venmo account for the HOA so people can pay more easily for HOA memberships
Carol intends to send a list of people who have already paid
We can have it ready this at the fall picnic
Carol will have the directory ready shortly
Consider sponsorship of directory for next year
Neighborhood Watch, Molly filled in for Chuck
Neighborhood safety report
Report suspicious behavior if observed
Police resources for the neighborhood will come to the neighborhood picnic
Andrea Smith, Street Host Coordinator
Carol used to give a monthly report of houses that turned over. Molly will provide information about new residents for outreach purposes
Planning ahead for street hostess gifts/reception
Requests budget for $500 for street hostess welcome gifts for new residents. Board approves unanimously
Will reach out to street hostesses about open positions
Kristy Elgart, Social
Montibello Picnic coming up September 10, 2022 from 4-7pm
HOA board memebers requested to volunteer to set up at 1:30pm and help break down (tables, chairs, clean up, trash, serving utensils, coolers to @Kristy 3019 Rock Springs). All board members will help.
Planned for tables, chairs, food (self-serve), bounce house, train, registration table, chalk boards,
Ordering a few new signs to advertise the picnic. Will make them usable for every year
Alan will sit at registration table.
Inclement weather plan will be to cancel/potentially reschedule.
Beginning to plan for holiday party (Bridgewood, Daresby culdesac?).
Sponsorship of events is still open for consideration in the future.
Pete Rosati, Communications
Pete will prepare digital newsletter.
Frances takes nice photos, Andrea will send file to Pete
Pete will have draft prepared by 9/20/22 and send to HOA. October 1, 2022 distribution. Goal is to have them sent out quarterly.
Corey Tanner, Beautification
Wall was struck by a car, homeowner is responsible for wall repair and is in process of getting police report to pursue an insurance claim for the wall repair
Molly will write on Facebook page that there is a community update on the HOA webpage
Irrigation system has been repaired. Corey to send invoice to Alan for payment.
Corey suggests use of native plants at entrances to mitigate irrigation repair bills and water bills (board will vote on any plant costs in advance)
Lawncare comes directly to Alan for payment. Corey will ask to be invoiced as well.
Corey will contact the lawncare company to get more information about their regular work assignments.
I will check to see if we can cut off the water and email Molly and Allan.
Open roles to be advertised
Neighborhood Watch
Social opening in 2023
Membership in 2023
Next HOA meeting:
December 7, 2022 @ 7pm
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