President’s Letter
Posted on Jan 23rd, 2020

I want to thank Jolinda Boelkins (Communications), Kristy Elgart (Social), and Allan Ross (Treasurer) who each joined the Board last January and are awesome Board members.  I also want to thank Tim Hansley, our past Communications chair.  Tim, who was a great Board member and friend, moved out of the neighborhood during the year.  After Tim moved, Jolinda (who also serves as the co-chair of Social with Kristy) graciously agreed to move to chair Communications.  She has become familiar with the software that is used to produce the newsletters and she made this newsletter possible.  We are so grateful to her for doing that for MHA.  We do plan to return to more regular newsletter production during 2020.
The newsletter is also being sent in connection with our 2020 membership drive.  We also would like to once again review the primary objectives and functions of our association and reiterate how important your membership is to our neighborhood. Below is a brief list of services provided to Montibello residents by MHA:
o   Landscaping: Plan, design and maintain all of the landscaping at the entrances, along the Carmel Road wall, and in the other common areas.  MHA pays the bills for mowing, planting, watering and lighting our entrances to provide the streetscape face of the neighborhood. Year after year we invest in modernizing and expanding systems, entry signs and coordinating other repairs and investment. Though we might take it for granted, significant time and expense goes into the landscaping of the neighborhood from an ongoing basis. 
o   Community Watch:  Maintain our “Community Watch” system with email blasts, website notifications and newsletter articles by partnering with the local Police Department to keep abreast of issues of importance to us all. Our chair is always in close contact with the CMPD.  For years Montibello has been noteworthy in the city and in CMPD’s south district for very infrequent crime and the police will tell you that our efforts to work together are of great benefit in that regard.
o   City Planning and Zoning Changes: As I have stressed on numerous occasions, no neighborhood has been more active and effective in our area than has Montibello in monitoring and negotiating with petitioners regarding rezoning proposals in our area.  Collectively, through MHA we have a voice that we do not have individually. Our goal has been to protect the single family residential character of our neighborhood and the surrounding area.  
o   Administration of all MHA functions:  Our Treasurer collects and pays the invoices for all of the services that are provided, including bills for expenses of the neighborhood. This is a significant ongoing responsibility, in addition to keeping our books and preparing our annual tax return.  These responsibilities benefit us all.
o   Architectural Review/Covenants:  Help to protect the overall quality and value of our properties by supporting Montibello’s restrictive covenants.  Offer architectural/ project review and interpretation of covenants for neighborhood resident’s specific construction plans.
o   Social Media: Hosts our members – only website, which includes our membership system.  We have only begun to unlock the benefits that our new website can provide for the neighborhood in communicating with each other in a timely and efficient manner.
o   Social Events: Organize family and adult – oriented social gatherings connecting you to your neighbors.  We are committed to maintaining popular events like the Easter egg hunt, July 4th bike parade and the annual fall picnic, while adding newer events like the Christmas party held in December.  The Board is also open to trying new events in the future. Though not a social event, the annual shredding event has also been very popular.
o   Street Host network: Our 571 homes are served by an amazing group of street hostesses and hosts.  If you receive our newletters or annual directory in print form these volunteers provide you with your materials.  They meet and greet new neighbors and are a valuable and integral part of all that makes our neighborhood great and deserve our appreciation and thanks!
MHA is a voluntary organization and, without its members, could not provide any of the above services.  Our Board strives to do everything possible to encourage each resident to become a member and to do everything possible to provide value for your membership. 
Historically, membership has been strong, but our goal is to always improve the participation rate year over year.  The services that are provided have been requested by our residents and expanded over the last 40 plus years and thus, most have stood the test of time.  Ask any of the fine realtors we have in the neighborhood, and I am sure they will tell you that the “draw” of Montibello has never been higher.
Working together, we can continue to improve our community and strong membership provides additional financial resources for those efforts.  It is critical that we maintain a strong membership base.
Finally, it is evident to me that so many of you have done so much over the years to make MHA what it is and to benefit our neighborhood. There is an abundance of talent which has been demonstrated by so many in Montibello that has been invaluable to us all. 
As always, we are looking for those willing to serve on the MHA Board as well as others willing to help. If you have an interest, please reach out to any Board member. I can assure you that any of our Board Members would be happy to talk to you.
Thank you again. We look forward to an exciting 2020!  If you are able, please join us for the MHA Annual Meeting on January 26th.  
Matt Karres
MHA President

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